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Benefits of Good Credit

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My wife didn't know she married into bad credit! We could afford a mortgage but I didn't have the credit to get a loan. New Day got my score up by over 100 points in 6 months and we just qualified for a loan.

Jeremy Bagwell


I bought my home in 6 months and now my daughter has her own room!

Amelia Rojo

The Dangers of Bad Credit

 No security in tough times Higher interest rates Hard to build equity, securing your family's financial future.

Your family's financial future may be at risk. Bad credit means less security. Less security leads to sleepless nights and more stress in the case of an emergency. Give us a call right away to secure your good credit score.

If you've tried to do it yourself, you know how frustrating it can be to repair your own credit. First you need to contact the creditors with a letter in the mail. Also send a copy of the original report containing the derogatory claims. Make sure you have done all your research on your situation with the creditor so you can accurately dispute the claims. You don't want to appear frivolous in your claims. The point of these letters is to get them to open an investigation into your account. The creditors then have 30 days to respond to your letter by law and report your claim to the credit bureau reporting agencies.

There is a pretty major learning curve associated with DIY credit restoration, so many folks make the choice to have someone like New Day Credit Repair do it for them. We will look at your entire credit report and go item-by-item to see if there are any inaccuracies. We'll also look at the derogatory claims against you and do everything within the law to get those claims removed.

Consider Braxton and Mary. They wanted to buy a new home but neither had a good credit score. Both were below 600 and they new they needed help. After frustrating their own efforts of trying to recover their FICO credit score, they got in touch with New Day. We work directly with Lexington Law, the nation's top law firm, to immediately begin the restoration process. Month after month, we brought their score well into the 600's and they got the lowest possible interest rate for their home and were approved for a mortgage much higher than they had planned on, which not only changed their attitudes, but it changed their address. Give us a call today if you're ready to start your credit repair campaign.

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