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Over 7 million items removed last year.” That’s great news for everyone who made the call to New Day together with Lexington Law.

Are you looking for a dependable credit repair specialist? Feel like you’re locked out of the home of your dreams or a car that you have your eyes on but you just can’t quite afford it because of a low credit score? Or maybe you’re new to the San Antonio area and you just need a little help getting on your feet. New Day is here for you and we’re only a phone call away, s call us and get a FREE, personalized credit debt mitigation report at (830) 730-4405!

Expert Credit Recovery Procedures and Practices

You can call New Day for your complete credit recovery needs. We’ll deliver accurate services, personally tailored to your credit report so there’s never any wasting of your time or money. If you’re facing large interest payments or the fact of being unable to qualify for that new home or car, then we can help.

Call us anytime and we’ll get an account executive setup on your behalf to see your entire campaign through from beginning to end. (830) 730-4405!


High Quality Credit Restoration Benefits

  • 24 hour hotline, call anytime
  • Credit bureau interaction on your behalf
  • Learn your credit repair rights
  • 50 to 100 points in 6 months or less
  • Regain your buying power
  • Credit Counseling

When it comes to credit restoration, you need to know what to say, to whom it needs to be said and how it should be said. We’ve spent years developing the very best arsenal of credit recovery derogatory dispute letters, phone calls, and software so all YOU need to know is who to call, and that’s New Day Credit Repair San Antonio.

Let us unleash our powerful, proven platform for rapid credit repair solutions on your behalf!

Call (830) 730-4405 or toll free at (866) 368-8828 and a certified credit specialist will be ready to assist you

What makes New Day different?

  • New Day Credit Repair specialists are licensed loan officers and or brokers, so we know the industry
  • A highly developed and effective proprietary method of raising your credit score
  • Personalized consideration and regular reporting throughout the duration of your campaign
  • Competitive rates and unsurpassed delivery

Service available for San Antonio,  New Braunfels & Surrounding Areas

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