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Are you looking for a reliable Credit Repair service in Bakersfield, CA? New Day Credit Repair is comprised of seasoned credit repair technicians who provide the absolute latest in credit repair services support for you or your business. Call our friendly customer service line at (866) 368-8828
and a credit repair technician can start working on your credit in 30 minutes or less!

Expert Credit Repair Services in Bakersfield, CA

Are you a resident of Bakersfield CA and surrounding cities and need credit repair services to regain your buying power? Are you locked out of buying power and looking for a professional service to aid in fixing your credit? Have you found that dream home but you’re locked out because of your credit score? Whether you’re getting ready to buy a home or just want lower interest rates on credit cards, New Day Credit Repair in Bakersfield has got you covered!

Range of Bakersfield Credit Repair Services at Affordable Prices!

  • Bakersfield Credit Repair Service
  • Credit advocacy
  • Letters to Credit Bureaus
  • Auto loan credit help
  • Home loan credit repair
  • Lower interest rates for credit cards
  • Higher loan amount because of better FICO score
  • Increase trust with banks
  • Supreme service with friendly staff
  • Tenacious proven program for rapid credit score repair
  • Credit counseling
  • Best practices for using credit to your advantage
  • Help with getting a mortgage
  • Advocacy for reducing amount owed

Call us at (866) 368-8828 and a credit repair technician will be available to you immediately! All credit repair services are provided in person or over the phone. No need to drive!

Bakersfield Credit Repair Services are Here for You!

We will begin immediately to utilize our proven system of dealing directly with credit bureaus to raise your credit score. Our proprietary methods have taken years to develop and we always get results. Starting with our more than 100 proven letters, written on your behalf, New Day Credit Repair will work hard for you to get results. How long does it take? Did you know your credit score can come back up as fast as it dropped?

Why Choose New Day Credit Repair Bakersfield, CA:

Bakersfield credit repair specialists have history as professionally trained, top loan officers in the mortgage industry. After seeing the incredible amount of folks who are denied the home of their dreams, or the car of their choice – or who simply pay way too much in interest on credit cards, we decided to start New Day Credit Repair to help folks enjoy the life they deserve today, not five or ten years from now.

We are dedicated to you and your goals. Besides offering the highest quality and levels of service in the industry, we provide individualized consideration for you and deliver services that are guaranteed to improve your lifestyle.

New to Bakersfield? A Fresh Start Means a New Car, a New Home and Lower Interest Rates

While shopping for that new home or car can be stressful, you shouldn’t be stressed about whether you can qualify for the loan or not. We’re here to help you succeed in getting your credit score up FAST so you can live the life you deserve. No matter what mistakes you’ve made in the past, we can help you live your dreams. Not 5 years from now, not a year from now, but in just a few short months, so give us a ring and let’s get started. Call (866) 368-8828 Now!


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