How to Improve Credit Score by 100 Points

Many Ways to Improve your Credit Score

There are many ways to raise your credit score. But there are a few tricks to raise your credit score a large amount like 100 points. It’s a combination of both working on negative past credit issues and also establishing new good credit.
Regarding old negative past credit issues these would be anything derogatory on your credit. Derogatory credit items are late payments, old multiple inquiries, collections, judgments, and charge-offs. All of these items can be disputed through the credit bureaus in an attempt to remove them from your credit.
Regarding good credit you must have at least 3 to 4 good positive trade lines on your credit that are reporting a timely payment each month. In addition to having good payment history the credit reporting agencies also review the amount of available credit. The key part of raising your credit score 100 points will be attempting to get all of your available credit up to 50 to 60% even 65% if possible. This means that if you have a credit card with a limit of $1000 you really only want to use $350-$400 of it. If your balance is more than 35 to 40% that can also bring down your credit score and hurt your credit.

Getting the Credit Help You Need to

Using a company like a New Day Credit Repair can be very advantageous in raising your credit score 100 points by establishing new credit and disputing and removing negative credit issues on your credit report.
New Day Credit Repair has advanced software that will analyze your credit report. It will mark anything that is negative, derogatory or out of place. 80% of credit reports have many types of errors and mistakes, and New Day Credit Repair will find those mistakes and remove them.

Analyzing How to go About Improving Your Credit Score

Once we have analyzed the negative credit items we have a library of over 100 legally written dispute letters that we will handpick for each account, creating a dispute package and sending it to the credit bureau on your behalf to see that negative item deleted off of your credit.
In addition we will analyze your good credit account trade lines and determine what can be done to raise the score. This may include opening new small credit card trade lines with small minimum payments to establish new credit payment history as well as analyzing each open account to see if paying down a certain percentage on a credit card will raise the credit score. Sometimes paying down a credit card just $50 can raise the score 25 points.
Many consumers just simply do not have the time to mail a separate dispute package for each derogatory item on their credit for each credit bureau. If you have 12 derogatory items on your credit and there are three credit bureaus, Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian – then each credit agency will need a separate dispute package. So in this example there would be 36 dispute packages that would need to be printed out, signed and mailed to the credit agencies.
In addition to that, many people do not know what makes up a credit score and how to raise their credit score on their own. Using a company like New Day Credit Repair for document preparation and credit education will greatly improve your chances of raising your credit score and getting approved for a mortgage, car loan, credit cards, or any other credit-based account.
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